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Summer's afternoon glow

Summer's afternoon glow


Summers Afternoon Glow - AVAILABLE

at the ASPIRE INSPIRE Exhibition

Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery inside the

Mandurah Performing Art Centre,

9 Ormsby Terrace Mandurah WA 6210.

The exhibition continues to Sunday 2nd June.

Open Mon to Fri (10am-5pm) and during events and shows at the venue.

Please Contact Corrine for more information.


Summer's Afternoon Glow, 2024

Oil over gold leaf on wood panel.

60 cm Diameter x 2.2cm (D)


Painting continues over sides.

Signed front and back. Ready to hang on your wall.


The sun was setting and cast an ethereal glow over the landscape, creating a warm and golden ambiance that inspired this stunning piece of artwork. The use of oil over gold leaf on a wood panel captures the radiance and vibrancy of the summer sun, making this a statement piece in any room. This unique and breathtaking piece is ready to hang on your wall and will bring the beauty of summer's afternoon glow into your home for years to come.


I was inspired to paint "Summer's Afternoon Glow" after seeing this magical scene.

At the end of a hot December day, on the way home from an afternoon of plein air painting with a friend at Lane Poole Reserve, the sun was setting, and the last rays of light glowed like firelight against the cutaway hillside banks and created beautiful warm light patterns on the tree trunks of the Dwellingup Forest.

Corrine Rapley – Artist

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