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Tranquil Vista
  • Tranquil Vista

    Tranquil Vista, 2023

    Oil on stretched canvas

    61 (W) x 91 cm (H) x 4cm (D)

    Framed: Oak float frame.


    A tranquil view often seen along the Peel Estuarine system. Seen on a morning walk, a softly feathered white egret was perched upon the decaying wood of an old tree stump, with a gorgeous backdrop of soft blue sky and water. I loved how the morning sun lit up the birds white feathers revealing many more colours than just pure white. The egret symbolises Diversity, Adaptation, and Balance and has a close-knit relationship with the three elements of Water, Air, and Earth.

    A textured palette knife oil painting.

    The image continues over the sides.

    Signed on front and back. Ready to hang.