Landscape Artist - Corrine Rapley with her oil painting Mullet Netting, Peel Harvey Estuary

Living at beautiful Bouvard, south of Mandurah. Western Australia, I am constantly inspired to be creative by the scenic waters and vegetation of the Peel Harvey Estuary and nearby ocean.

A deep appreciation of nature, colours, light changes and the emotional sensations that I experience in certain environments, continually motivates me to recreate that same sentiment for the viewer of my artworks.

Painting from my home studio or outdoors En Plein Air, mainly using Oils and Acrylics, my paintings are contemporary realistic impressions of what I see and feel about my subject matter.

My artwork themes are usually inspired from the things I love or places I have visited including the sea, inland water bodies, big skies, earth and nature.

I have been painting now for over 25 years and consider myself lucky enough to have participated in many collaborative projects, been a member of an Artist's Collective, and of Art groups, done some teaching, as well as exhibiting in a solo capacity which has solidified my reputation in the art world.

If you would like to find out more about my process,  please get in touch.

Corrine x