Corrine Rapley lives at Bouvard, south of Mandurah WA, where the scenic waters and vegetation of the Peel Harvey Estuary and nearby ocean are a constant source of inspiration for the artist. A deep appreciation of nature, colour, light play and the emotional sensations surfacing from experiencing certain environments, continually motivate her to recreate the same sentiment for the viewer. Utilizing oils, acrylics, collage, pastels, inks and mixed media, she works from her home studio or outdoors En Plein Air amongst the beautiful scenery of the Peel Region.

Corrine is a founding member and Secretary for Vivid Gallery which is completely managed and operated by the Vivid Art Collective Inc. Artists in a continually evolving exhibition of artwork by the artist members and situated in the Smart St Mall, Mandurah WA.

A member, painting weekly and exhibiting annually with the Mandurah Plein Air Artists group, and also paints weekly with the Portrait Group of Mandurah.

“My painting style is hard to label as it is ever evolving. My studio work technique is wide ranging and different from my En Plein Air artwork and again very different from my portrait painting. Discovering new outcomes by being involved with separate genres, experimenting with different techniques, and diverse media including oils, acrylic and collage and being motivated from contact with other artists has inspired me to create in both contemporary and realistic styles. These stimulants are continually contributing to my personal artistic growth and further increasing my love of painting”

Corrine Rapley

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